Why Forensic Accounting?

Would you like to know more about how to fight economic crime? Do you want to know how Facebook and the business register are related? Do you believe that accountants can also be creative? Do you want to know how to recognize a cheater? Would you like to know the meanings of "red flags", "datamining" and "anti-money laundering"? Are you interested in the case of Enron and Bernard Madoff? Do you know how the forensic interview techniques works? The answers to these and other questions you can learn during Forensic Accounting course.

Why Management of Public Finance?

In the current pandemic periods, many governments are dealing with rising public debt and increasing tax burdens, which threaten the long-term sustainability of public finances. For these reasons, governments seek to manage public finance flows within or with the public sector as efficiently as possible, aided by the whole system and concept of public financial management. At the same time improving the system of Public financial management can be beneficial to foster societal changes and positive changes within the inclusive institutions, which leads to stronger state, reduced poverty, greater gender equality and balanced growth.

Why Managing People in Digital Era?

Digitalization changes not only the functions and tools of management, but also attitudes, values, perceptions of people in general. Students will learn what is behind the change and options of attitudes applicable to managing people in companies caused by the emphasis on competitiveness today. The course uses forms of discussions, workshops and presentations.

Why Business Planning?

Whether you want to start your own company, you are trying to persuade the management to support your idea, or you are an employee who got a task to create one, you need a business plan. In a way, a business plan is a simulation of the business. Its purpose is to determine whether the idea is viable, identify weak spots and present it attractively. In this course, we will create a business plan from scratch. We will go through the process of creating, presenting, and evaluating a business plan. By doing this, you will have the opportunity to discuss your idea, test its viability, practice the presentation, receive feedback, and get inspired.